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Hi! I’m Felicia, and welcome to my home! Food has always been my great, epic love. From the moment I begged my mother to photograph me whisking eggs when I was ten to the day I made my first three-tier chocolate cake without splattering the walls, to the year that food was the one thing that kept my hands steady when nothing else would — I have, and always will be, in love with food.

I’m an award-winning published author (psst: my memoir, The Sky Isn’t Visible From Here was published in 2008) with a novel, Follow Me Into the Dark coming out in 2017. I’m a proud Fordham + Columbia graduate who has built businesses and brands for nearly two decades. Now, I’m a free agent (translation: consultant) who works with mid-sized agencies and billion-dollar brands–essentially, I help smart people tell great stories. I’m passionate about creativity online and off, whether I’m helping to build businesses, crafting short stories, or photographing bread loaves fresh out of the oven. While I’m a clean eater, I’ve never met a blueberry crumble muffin or a truffle macaroni and cheese I didn’t like.

Love. Life. Eat. is a celebration of my two great loves: food + writing. You’ll find works-in-progress, recipes from my kitchen and favorite cookbooks, and books I’m reading along the way.

I was born + raised in New York and now I call Los Angeles home.

You can find me on Tumblr, Flickr, Medium, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. My email: lovelifeeatny-at-gmail-dot-com. Please note that I do not accept pitches or requests for advertisements or product reviews of any kind. I also do not accept nominations for WordPress awards created by bloggers to drive traffic to their sites. I’m also unable to read your writing or provide business advice–for free. 

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  1. Dear Felicia,

    Greetings! My name is Jessica, and I’m an intern at MassRealty, a website which offers a vast array of information about real estate in the Massachusetts area including listings, guides, and articles.

    I saw your article on housewarming parties and am writing to you in the hopes that you would be willing to be interviewed via Skype about how to throw a great housewarming party and offer us your insights. This interview would be recorded and posted on our website (MassRealty.com). It would be a duration of somewhere in the ballpark of 5 minutes.

    I was hoping we could do sometime this upcoming week. If you are at all interested, please let me know and I can send you the interview questions.

    Thanks so much for your time!

    Jessica Tan
    Marketing Intern, MassRealty


  2. Hello, love the site. I am also using the Elemin theme, but I don’t have options to not include a sidebar. Do I have to upgrade to get that option.


    • Thanks, Glen! You can actually add a sidebar by customizing your theme in the “Appearance” section of your WP dashboard. I’m not sure how to manage beyond that, but I’m certain that are WP forums that can definitely help if you search by the Theme name.

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  3. Thanks, I e-mailed the admin. I actually don’t want a sidebar, but I only have two options: right or left sidebar. I prefer the full width option like you have. I also own a Canon T3i, just bought it, hoping my pictures come out as great as yours!


  4. Hi Felicia,

    Please can you get in touch with me at an opportunity you may be interested in.

    Kind regards,



  5. Hello, Ms. Sullivan! My name is Katrina and i have been wanting to contact you for a while. Ever since i read your book The Sky Isn’t Visible From Here, about three years ago, (i am but 16 now), it has been my favorite book of all time. I read a lot of books because i have been reading for years and years, but yours is by far the best. It may seem silly to be saying this, but i am going to go ahead anyway. being a writer myself, Your book has inspired me in more ways than you can imagine, and i thank you for being brave enough to write down your memories. This is sounding probably incredibly cliche, which is not what i want at all. But i do not know exactly how else to say what i want to… Perhaps i would be better writing a letter, i am not so fond of e-mail… At any rate, i hope you are doing well in your life. maybe i will attempt to send you a letter as well. Thank you for being you!



    • Katrina — Your words are always the ones a writer so desperately wants to hear. That the work, in some way, has affected the reader. Has inspired them to tell their own stories. Thank you for your praise and for sharing your excitement for a life that is only just beginning. Warmly, Felicia

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  6. Hi Felicia!
    Lovely meeting you at Local this afternoon.
    When in Paris, here are some spots I LOVE:

    Legrand Filles et Fils
    Say “CHEESE!!!!!”

    Au Passage
    Funky, different, Australian chef.

    Go to the one in the 6th. Super fun to eat solo at the bar.

    Terroir Parisien
    Dessert here is an absolute must! Then again, when isn’t that the case in Paris…


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  8. Hi Felicia! Loving your blog! Found it through foodgawker. looking forward to making your thai stir fry beef dish this weekend! I will definitely let you know how it turns out!
    I also recently started my own blog and will be posting recipes too! Would love it if you would stop by and give your feedback and any suggestions!


    • Jasmine,

      Thank you so much for visiting my space and for your kind words. Regrettably, with my writing and work schedule, I don’t have any free time to evaluate and give feedback on blogs. There are ton of bloggers who offer amazing tips (as do the WordPress folks) including Joanna Goddard (Cup of Joe) on how to blog, and feel free to visit the bloggers on my blogroll to learn more about their space. Sorry that I can’t be of further help.

      Best of luck!

      Warmly, Felicia


  9. Hi Felicia,

    I publish a magazine on solo travel on the iTunes Newsstand (Solo Travelist), and I am really enjoying your blog. I wonder whether you might allow me to reprint your wonderful piece on traveling solo in Melbourne for my February issue? My contributing authors get to promote their books and other projects, and my readers get a monthly wide variety of solo travel advice. I’d be delighted to send you more info–along with a coupon code for you to take a look at the magazine–if you’re interested.

    Maureen from Solo Travelist Magazine
    bellflowermedia [at] gmail dot com


    • Maureen,

      Thank you so kindly for reaching out! I’m very humbled with the offer, however, regrettably, I’m not comfortable with my post being republished. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

      Happy Holidays!~

      Cheers, Felicia


  10. If this is the same Felicia Sullivan who penned the Amazon review of “Kinfolk”, your words have prompted me to look for more from you.

    Off to take a look around.

    Have a nice evening and stay warm.

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    • Thank you kindly for all of the blog nominations, however, I make it a practice to not participate in awards or contests of this nature.


    • Thanks for the kind words, Ricky! I really appreciate it. Regrettably, I don’t submit my site for contests, nominations, or linkrolls.


  11. Hi Felicia, you made my day today for being just you. It’s such a gift to my life to chanced upon your blog and to read about someone who shares the same values as me. It makes me a very very happy girl today. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me!


  12. OMG. I am almost concluding that this is a bad day not until I bumped in to your blog. I always get so excited everytime I bumped in to a food blog all that this is from an award-winning blogger. Because I am an aspiring food blogger and I am so looking forward to learn lots from you! Thank you 🙂


  13. Can I just tel you how much I love your blog? I don’t comment much but I’ve been reading it for a while and it’s just lovely and inspirational. Thanks for sharing your life with us.


      • Hello. They say all things happen for a reason. I was meant to find your site. I have shared with some that might never have found it, and the impact you stand to make is profound. I am so intrigued by your views, your writing and food/cooking choices. Your recollections and sharing of the dark days of addiction are raw, moving and real. I think you likely don’t intend to persuade and that is what makes you impactful. You seem to write to release yet there is no rambling. You have the talent of precision in your words. Thank you.


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  15. Hi Felicia!

    I stumbled upon your blog and I love it already! Your photos are so gorgeous 🙂
    Can’t wait for more blog posts!



  16. Namaste, lovely Felicia! After meeting you on our wonderful India adventure and getting to know you further between the pages of your beautiful book, I just had to reach out to you. Old-fashioned girl that I am, I did so via snail mail several weeks ago. Unfortunately, my card and a little trinket I included came back to me today, marked “Return to sender, unable to forward.” Would it be possible to get it to you somehow? Nothing urgent — just a little remembrance to thank you for your good company — in person and in print. You made quite an impression on me and my sister, and we talk about you often and hope you are well.

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  17. Dear Felicia

    Congratulations for such a wonderful blog! I loved reading your articles and it would be great to read your book. Your work is inspiring. The pictures are lovely and the content is insightful.

    Merry Christmas in advance. 🙂



  18. What a breath of fresh air here Felicia. A soothing and uplifting blog find into the new year. I wish you a beautiful year of love. 🙂


  19. Hi Felicia,

    I landed on your web page while I was surfing on the internet.
    Thanks for the outstanding posts.
    I liked reading them.

    I am running the I.A.C – Inscribink Authors’ Circle. We are a developing website with 10K+ followers on Facebook.

    Would you be interested in sharing one of your articles on our website ?

    Or, would you be interested in being one of the writers on our ever developing website project?

    Thanks for considering. Let me know if you have any questions.


    Hawk G.
    Editor, Inscribink



  20. Just discovered your blog this morning and I am reminded of these words by Emerson: “A chief event of life is the day in which we have encountered a mind that startled us.” Your integrity, your clarity, your writing is startling. I haven’t been startled in a long while. So thank you!

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  21. Wow! I’m jealous. You have such a way with words. You express yourself marvelously. Enjoyed reading your blog and so identify with you. Thanks for sharing. – Jo

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    • Thank you for the note, however, I don’t (as clearly noted above) participate in WordPress awards or link exchange promotions.



  22. Hi, Felicia. Congrats on the FP for “What you write on the body”, Don’t freak out about the picture becoming even more published now, you look fantastic .I just wanted you to know that I’m rooting for you to continue to find courage and hope that you find your upcoming move fulfilling and exciting. I’m glad that you took the plunge. Sending lots of positive energy your way!


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