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Recently, I stumbled upon an old friend’s life list — all the minor and major things she set out to achieve within a lifetime. It put me to thinking that I should perhaps start mine.

1. Live in another place. (2015 plan)
2. Finish reading all the books in my apartment
3. Change someone’s life…for the better
4. Go whale-watching
5. Watch the sun rise behind an ocean
6. Write another book
7. Write a food-related book
8. Let the specter that is my mother, go
9. Learn another language- Started studying French in 2013
10. Start a food venture
11. Vacation in Maldives
12. Eat my way through Europe
13. Make a croissant, from scratch
14. Decorate my bedroom since it’s my haven, like this
15. Rent a home by the ocean
16. Focus on a life that is lived with strength, not dictated by the numbers on a scale or the size of one’s pants
17. Take an unplanned trip, on a whim
18. Upgrade my camera
19. Master how to use my camera
20. Mentor a woman in her 20s
21. Reduce my possessions to only the things I truly, truly love
22. Feel like it all matters
23. Get out of credit card debt
24. Get out of student loan debt
25. Live every moment in a state of grace
26. Forgive
27. Learn how to breathe underwater
28. Lose my fear of dying
29. Cultivate a garden of living things
30. Own a cast-iron pan
31. Buy spices in Morocco
32. Go on a safari
33. Dance like I used to, unafraid
34. Take a class at the Cordon Bleu
35. Own all first-editions of Joan Didion’s books
36. Stand close to a lion
37. Re-read The Sun Also Rises and To the Lighthouse
38. Spend a weekend in a five-star hotel. A real one
39. Find calm
40. Reconcile with someone from my past. Someone I’ve hurt
41. Inspired someone to find their vision
42. Spend time with my dad
43. Trace my lineage
44. Get my other wisdom tooth removed
45. Volunteer at an animal shelter
46. Play the clarinet again
47. Buy season tickets to the symphony, or opera
48. Cook a four-course meal for a friend, just because
49. Write a month-long series about every patisserie and eatery I love in France
50. Let my guard down
51. Visit Joshua Tree
52. Cook a meal outdoors
53. Own a couture gown
54. Finish Dante’s Inferno
55. Enjoy a glass of wine without having it mean something
56. Get my license
57. Drive along the English countryside
58. Go to Ireland, with my dad
59. Film my food adventures
60. Ride a camel in the desert
61. Attend a ball, in a ballgown
62. Do 30 push-ups in a row
63. Watch the sunrise at the Pyramids
64. Go a week without speaking
65. Abandon the internet for a week
66. Invest in stock, like an adult
67. Dine on a boat
68. Kayak
69. Go nightswimming in the Indian Ocean
70. Sleep in a hut or treehouse
71. Climb Machu Pichu
72. Surprise myself
73. Eat chocolate in Switzerland
74. Kiss a stranger
75. Own a larder to store all my food goodies
76. Eat something that I think/know I’d hate
77. Color outside the lines, like I used to
78. Visit all 7 continents
79. Sleep on my deck
80. Write a short story — just for a friend
81. Write someone I admire — just to tell them how much I admire them
82. Fly private
83. Book bi-monthly messages for a year
84. Reconcile my faith in God
85. Donate money to Fordham University
86. Take up acupuncture
87. Take a random class
88. Bike in the Italian countryside
89. Buy art from someone I love
90. Try boxing
91. Run in the rain
92. Buy a film camera
93. Make this blog into something really special
94. Learn how to make espresso
95. Join a CSA
96. Visit Basque country
97. Own a home of my own
98. Be unafraid
99. Find balance
100. Fall in love


12 Comments on “life list

  1. OK Felicia I am going to help you cross some of these things off. 96. visiting Biarritz ?Go to Irun or San sebastan 94. get a nespresso machine – I am old school and I love it + I get plenty of compliments even from Italians. 92. I have a variety of them I’d be happy to unload at a good price. Question is where do get film? 74. I don’t know if I qualify as a stranger. 66. This is easy for me , whenever you are ready. 15 & 5 & 79 I can help you get a Fire Island rental for a week in the summer – share with friends. 23. Your accountant says “tsk, tsk” 48. I’m available 56 – I heard of a good inexpensive driving school in Chinatown. Take a lesson then go for dim sum. 90. Check out Gleason’s Gym near the Brooklyn Bridge. 76. Haggis anyone?


  2. I love the list and feel inspired to write my own! I’m lucky enough to have been to the Maldives – make sure you do that one as it’s unreal!! Not speaking for a week sounds bloomin’ hard though! 😉


  3. This is an inspiring list, I love it! I made a 30 before 30 list to complete a couple of years ago and having just turned 30 this month, it’s time that I put together and start working on a life list. Thanks for posting this!


  4. Hi there Felicia! Amazing list! Your blog is very inspiring and unlike any I have come across. I feel strengthened and motivated too, to fight against all odds as I am going through a rough patch presently so am trying to bring some positivity into my life. I am inspired to revisit my bucket list. Thanks you!


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